Athleisure is the future of fashion!

With current consumers’ desire to balance comfort and style, luxury athleisure (a.k.a activewear or more recently active-streetwear) has fast become an essential part of every fashionista’s wardrobe.

The category has shown major growth in the last couple of years, and will only continue to rise for the foreseeable future. And, as the line between activewear and daywear blurs, more and more fashion brands are being forced to expand their collections in order to answer to the surging demand for high-end athleisure.

The increase in health & wellness awareness has also had a part to play. With the growing number of people aspiring to live a fit and healthy lifestyle, the need for fashion that can smoothly transition from workout to casual attire is more prominent than ever.

This global phenomenon has profoundly changed the way we dress today, and I for one couldn’t be more excited! If I could spend the rest of my days dressed in nothing but exquisitely designed activewear, then trust me I would!

So if (like me) your goal is to find the perfect balance between flair and ease then you’ll want to stay up to date on the latest industry trends. Plus, there’s nothing quite like a new sporty ensemble to make you want to smash your next workout!

Well, look no further! I’m here to make sure you’re well-informed.


With a growing emphasis on environmental awareness, the demand for eco-friendly and sustainable athleisure is quickly rising. Thanks to an increasing number of brands investing in renewable or recycled materials, and cutting environmental costs wherever they can, this evolution will soon set the standard for the future of the fashion industry. 

I’m completely obsessed with this Gym To Swim, Recyled Fibres set by Cotton On Body!

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It’s time to get in touch with your inner flower child because tie-dye is back! With the recent resurfacing of several ’90s trends, it was only a matter of time until tie-dye made an appearance. This nostalgic print presents a cool and versatile way to add visual texture and extra colour to your wardrobe.

Add a little fun to your wardrobe with this tie-die Cropped Active Muscle Tank.

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Matching Sets

There’s nothing quite like a matching set to help one feel more put together! These twin pieces are only becoming more elevated as top designers embrace the trend. The style provides for stress-free outfit selection, meaning that you no longer have to agonise over which crop top to pairs with your favourite leggings. Matching sets remove all the drama while still keeping your style in check. Get ready to simplify your wardrobe in the chicest way possible! 

How stunning is this modern matchy matchy Gym To Swim set by Cotton On Body!?

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High-neck Sports Bras/Crop Tops

This style creates a flattering shape, while still providing enough support for those more intense workouts. Sports bras with a higher neck-line are extra-durable, which makes them ideal for high-impact workouts like running, cycling or boxing. The added fabric on top of the bust provides adequate coverage, making this a suitable cut for women of all breast sizes. Parallel to that, high-necklines are known to add a dash of sophistication to any outfit, so looking chic in the gym has never been easier!

Try out the look with this teal Crop Tank by Cotton On Body.

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Statement Sneakers 

The increasing importance of comfort in the way we dress has made this dynamic trend one to reckon with. A flood of statement sneakers are dominating the footwear industry, with fashion leaders already staking their claim. From fluorescent laces and colour blocking to chunky soles and holographic accents, these cool kicks are sure to make a serious statement! With a vast range of different options available this style serves as a fresh finish to just about any outfit.

Stand out from the crowd in the Blaze Chunky Sneakers by Rubi.

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Strappy Detailing

A multi-strap sports bra or crop top is a great way to add a dash of interest to your sporty ensemble. When the goal is show off a bit of skin while still keeping it classy, the added detail will upscale your look and ensure that you remain forever fashion-forward.

Take your outfit to the next level with this Strappy Sports Crop by Cotton On Body. 

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Bike Shorts

You don’t need to be a cyclist or spinning addict to fancy the revival of this 90s workout staple. The garments simplicity makes it exceptionally versatile and with the right styling, the right mindset, and the right pair, you can easily create a look that’s either sleek and sophisticated or trendy and casual.

Get moving in the Cotton On Body must-have Highwaisted Mid Length Bike Shorts!

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It looks as though florals are truly blooming this season! Even if you haven’t stepped out in a flower clad print since you left childhood, you might find yourself convinced once you see what the designers have been up to. The latest graphic and abstract prints make these feminine and flirty pieces easy to style with your existing wardrobe. The trend adds a bit of fun and romance to any outfit, allowing your style to flourish! 

Embrace your feminine side in Cotton On Body’s floral Hailspot Running Shorts!

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Which trend is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!


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